(2 year terms)
Terrence J. Cook, M.D., President (2016)
Donnie Dunagan, M.D., Vice President/President Elect (2018)
Jill Hauenstein, M.D., Secretary (2017)
William L. Farr, M.D., Treasurer (2017)
Board of Directors
(3 year terms) (terms to be staggered so that 1/3 is elected annually)
Terrence J. Cook, M.D., Chairman
Joseph P. Bailey, M.D.
Adair Blackwood, M.D.
Barry Bryant, PharmD
Donald H. Loebl, M.D.
Rich. Cty. Commissioner Mary Davis
Donnie Dunagan, M.D.
Ketty Gonzalez, M.D.
Peter Buckley, M.D.
William L. Farr, M.D.
Robert Kaminski, M.D.
Joe Griffin, M.D.
Jill Hauenstein, M.D.
Craig Kerins, M.D.
Lucy Marion, Ph.D, RN
Col. Cty. Commissioner Bill Morris
Karissa Wilson, M.D.
Luther Thomas, III, M.D.
Chris Haga
Standing Committees
(1 year terms)
Jill Hauenstein, M.D., Nominating (2016)
William Farr, M.D., Finance (2016)
Donnie Dunagan, M.D., Program (2016)
Joe Griffin, M.D., Personnel (2016)
Adair Blackwood, M.D., Membership (2016)
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