Goals & Objectives
1. Encourage qualified patient participation in RCMS Project Access.

2. Foster physician participation in RCMS Project Access.

3. Coordinate RCMS Project Access endeavors with related organizations and programs and incorporate the program's activities into the community.
RCMS Project Access, Inc. will seek to establish:

1. a system for patient eligibility which minimizes documentation and verification, and maximizes ease-of-access.

2. documentation of physician and related services provided to RCMS Project Access, Inc. patients which minimizes related administrative requirements.

3. a central registry of Richmond County Medical Society physicians who agree to provide their services free-of-charge to RCMS PA patients that assures equitable distribution of RCMS PA patients.

4. RCMS PA patient administrative management and related services (appointment reminders, transportation coordination, access to free or reduced cost medications, etc.) which enhance RCMS PA patient benefits and foster physician participation.

5. services and standards which recognize the mutual responsibilities within the Doctor/Patient=s relationship.

6. positive medical office staff relations which enhance awareness of, and support for RCMS PA.

7. strong relations with community-based organizations providing related services, including other community clinics, area hospitals, pharmaceutical organizations, government agencies and patient advocacy groups.
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